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RE: municipal pricing

i can see you've done lots of work on this,,,it looks really good...it is concise and sounds like youve covered everything..congrats and i'm sure others will use it which is a high form of flattery...and i'm sure you will modify as you go along  based on the municipal needs of maryland but elections are elections no matter what kind..good job


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Attached is a brochure that we have created to cover municipal elections in Maryland.  There are some Maryland contract prices (such as absentee ballots) that we have to maintain.  Otherwise, we tried to use our standard pricing.


Please take a look at the brochure:

Is the information covered in an easy to understand format?

Is everything included?

Does the questionnaire ask all the information necessary to quote?


This information is overdue in Maryland, so a quick turnaround would be greatly appreciated (sorry).


Note: I will probably add illustrations to the document for further clarification.


Thanks for your help!





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