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RE: traveling tools

The photograph didn't embed properly in the email.  I've attached the JPEG file below.
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This is the power adapter cable to which Tari is referring.  The male end connects to the internal booth power cord (that attaches to the R6 unit) and the female end attaches to the electrical tester.  Photo and info courtesy of Lesley Thompson and her work with JoCo.  This adapter (and the electrical tester) are required to test the R6 booth wiring for proper AC output and polarity.
DES Part Number is 541-2215.   Cable,Power Adapter,IEC-M to NEMA15-F,1 FT.
BTW:  As to Don's thoughts of using a 3 prong to 2 prong adapter, for electrical safety reasons, it is not recommended to operate our equipment on an ungrounded outlet.
Ian S. Piper
Diebold Election Systems, Inc.
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Tari: It is a 3 prong to 2 prong grounded adapter.
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2 items form Robert I will add - although there must be a shorter one for the second we can use
thanks Robert -
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Subject: travelling tools

Hi Tari,
Just a couple of additions to your travelling tools (my appologies if you already listed them and I am blind).
- serial loop back adapter (for testing avts and avos serial ports)
- power adapter...difficult to explain but it connects to the inside power cable (the one that plugs into the AVTS R6 unit) on the AVTS booth and coverts the plug into a regular 3 prong electrical outlet so that your yellow AC power tester will work.  This is so you can check the curcuit and be sure that power is flowing to the AVTS R6 unit
Take care,

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