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RE: Spyrus - Staying stuck in "ON"

Thanks for info.

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Yes, we have seen it.  I assume it is 'on' and also not functioning.  That
is, all
keystrokes (including 'off') are ignored.

It is a flaw with the hardware.  Spyrus claims it is a problem with faulty
cards being inserted into their reader.  That is, it is CardLogix' problem.
comment to Spyrus was that their hardware should be immune to such cards if
exist.  [I am not entirely convinced they do.]

The only solution is to take the batteries out of the unit, wait a few
minutes, and
put them back in.  For older Spyrii you would need to leave the batteries
out for up
to 10 minutes to clear the problem.  Newer Spyrii take less time to reset,
though I
can't quote you a number (couple of min?).  It is a bit academic though,
since this
isn't in general an operation you want to perform in the polling place.
Note the
programmed smart card data will be retained even after the batteries are

The only consolation I can offer is that the rate for this mode of failure
seems to
be quite low.


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Subject: Spyrus - Staying stuck in "ON"

Anyone else noticing that the Spyrus units are getting "stuck" in ON
position?  Have you found a way to fix them?