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RE: FTP Daemon shutdown

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What is the intended solution for transfering large files to customers and other agents outside the company?
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Sent: December 2, 2002 2:28 PM
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Subject: FTP Daemon shutdown

Hi everyone,
Many users have expressed a desire for a better way to share files within the company. For a long time, we've run an FTP service on lucy. This service was accessible to the outside world with no restrictions on access, and no provisions for logging user activity. FTP was a security risk, and I have shut it down for this reason.
All hope is not lost though - you can still upload and download files. Please have a look here on the staff website.
The interface is very similar to the "html ftp listing" we used to provide. You can download files by clicking on the hyperlink to the file (as you always have been able to). The new functionality I have introduced is the form at the top of the page, which will allow you to upload a file. Just hit the "browse" button to select the file, and click the "Upload" button to transfer. There is no restriction on file types or file size.
If you have any questions, or problems using the tool, please let me know.