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RE: Manual Entry situation

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Absolutely my favorite.
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Subject: RE: Manual Entry situation

One of these BoD success stories that Frank loves so much ...
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I am reading between the lines here that they knew/calculated the election summary as part of the manual count process.


What they could have done was to set up a new counter group, say “manual summary”, and make that a combined absentee.  The default vote center automatically created for that counter group will have the one combined report precinct.  Manual enter the totals into that combined precinct.


In practice that is a little hairy election night, since you have to unset-for-election to create the combined report precinct.  Assuming they had other totals that didn’t have to be hand counted and manually entered, they would have to re-upload those totals after setting for election again.





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Subject: Manual Entry situation


Looking for comments as to how else to handle this situation.  Les


Tippecanoe County, IN  November 5, 2002

    Steve Corey on site

1-17-17 GEMS

4.1.11  /  WIN CE 3.0  AVTS

1.94F AVOS




County printed own early voting absentee optical scan ballots.  1700 ballots would not read and had to be counted by hand for 82 precincts.  County activists gathered volunteer staff immediately and hand tallying occurred in a matter of hours.  To produce reports, all 1700 ballots had to be entered into GEMS for 82 precincts through the manual entry module.  This process took 11 hours and was not completed until Wednesday.




As an election night interim step, are there other alternatives for producing election night reports that do not include manually entering full data?  Apparently the MicroVote software had an edit function that allowed election official to manually edit the Election Summary.  Was this similar to printing the GEMS Election Summary report to file and editing?  Other alternatives?




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