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RE: Joyce Morris Emails


Here's my current understanding of what Joyce Morris is talking about.

All the Diebold offices are connected through a common VPN. For example,
from the Vancouver office, I can securely access resources inside the
McKinney office as thought they were local to me, but people not in
either office (read: not on the VPN) are unable to access those
resources. Both offices have a VPN gateway to establish the secure

The system that Joyce is talking about is a client application that lets
remote users use the same system that users in offices do. That way, you
could be on the road with your laptop, and still get the same
functionality that you do in your office. In theory, anyway.

I'm not really sure how this affects you, or sales in general.


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I seem to get a never ending string of unintelligible emails from Joyce
Morris about logging into a system I don't know anything about.  Is
there someone in the company who is in charge of our integration with
Diebold that understands what computer system she is talking about and
whether sales can be ignoring all this or are we supposed to get signed
in somehow and for what purpose?