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RE: Virus alert

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I got the email from Don, Mike, and Cathi.  I clicked through to the card, saw the security warning, and decided I didn’t need to see the greeting that badly.  Everyone, take security warnings seriously.





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Hi all,


I got this warning from Scott Harrof this morning -



This is the "Friend greeting application" virus. It's pretty low risk, since to contract the virus, you have to download and run an installer app. A hyperlink to the application is propagated by email. New McAfee DAT files can pick up the app, if you do indeed have it. Alternatively, you can just check your computer yourself. I'd be surprised if anyone in this office has been infected.


I, for one, can confirm that Frank Kaplan currently is infected. I don't know about others. If you do find you're infected, please let me know.