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SEH C00..005 error

JoCoKs  BS 4.1.11  WinCE 2.1.2
Scenario leading to SEH C00..005 error:
--Accumulated Vote Center 1
--Transferred Vote Center 1
--Removed last Vote Center 1 PC card
--Put in 1st PC card from Vote Center 2
--Exited Accumulator Screen for Vote Center 1
--Returned to Accumulator Screen to begin Upload of Vote Center 2
--Loaded PC cards from Vote Center 2
--Began Transfer of Vote Center 2
--Tallied 1st PC card
**then received error "SEH C00..005"**
--Rebooted AVTS
--Came up to insert election media screen
QUESTION:  Should we be concerned that there is a problem with the transfer of Vote Center 1 or Vote Center 2???
What, if anything, should I have them double check?
Lesley Koop Thompson
Customer Service Project Manager
Diebold Election Systems, Inc.
415-235-6553 (office cell)
512-413-7618 (cell)