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Central Count Infrared


I am here in Alameda with Jason Wong, our central count firmware expert and
Computer Engineering wiz.  He is noticing that the AccuVote-OS CC with
AccuFeeder IR connectors are getting interference from the florescent

He says that he's had experience with IR and florescent light interference
before when he built his a robot that used IR for communications.  The IR
transmitter/receiver on the back of the AccuVote-OS is not covered properly
and getting stray light from the lights.

The symptoms are that the feeder won't operate/run because it cannot get the
proper commands from the AccuVote.  Depending on the how of the feeder is
set up and location of the overhead lights, these symptoms may be

The Fix (LOL)
Jason has developed a AccuBlack paper.  Take a 2 inch square piece of paper
and color it, on BOTH sides, completely black with a Sharpie (ask TO for the
one in his sock).  The black color will absorb ambient light.

Remove the AccuFeed out tray, this will give you access to the rear of the
AccuFeed.  On the bottom left hand side of the rear of the AccuFeed, you
will see 2 screws attaching the IR receiver to the AccuFeed frame.  Attach
the AccuBlack paper (black side facing the AccuVote, other side facing you)
to the 2 screws.  This should basically block the IR transmitter and
receiver from you and the overhead lights.

Photos of the AccuBlack paper and the installation are included.

rob chen reporting for Jason "McGuiver" Wong

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