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RE: AV-CC-HS: BatchView Testing

Title: RE: AV-CC-HS: BatchView Testing

Hi Robert,

I’m CC’ing this to the support list to keep a few other people informed.

For others, we’re again working on the high-speed central count system and I’ve just added a new application to the suite called BatchView that will handle some deck management issues.

Robert Chen wrote:

I need to count the header and ender cards as something.  We could create a separate column for control cards but GEMS accepts them so that’s where I count them for now.  Let me know if you prefer otherwise.

That’s because GEMS rejected them.  If you want GEMS to accept them, clear the reject flags in Setup->AccuVote-OS Options->Reject Settings.  I believe that we had long ago planned to have separate reject flags for CC but it doesn’t look like that ever happened.  Feel free to resurrect the RCR.

Odd I know but thats how it works.  See last comment at bottom.

See comment about Reject Settings above.  At this time I get the feeling that this is built in to the CC apps and therefore is independent of the GEMS reject flags.  If so, can we get away with it as is?

Yes its a bug.  Currently you need to resize to bring up the scroll bars.  Its on my todo list but at a fairly low priority compared to other functionality.

See below.

Keep in mind that were planning to replace the existing software and not fix it except where essential because there is no workaround.  Were starting to design a general central counting system to handle all of our customers and its going to work quite differently than the current system.  For one, it will be able to work independently from GEMS just like the touch screens and AV ballot readers.

Thanks for the feedback.



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