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RE: Error in starting RAS

Curious:  what is the actual error message?  “Wrong information specified” or “incorrect set-up information specified”?  My search yesterday came up empty when I did a search on the former, as reported by James. 





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This bug was reported and fixed. See http://staff.dieboldes.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=1358


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Subject: Error in starting RAS




    I have taken a support call from a Georgia user who has reported the following error on the AVTS R6 unit:


·    Error in starting RAS.  Wrong information specified.


This is on WinCE 020808 / BS 4.1.11 using the 56k PCM/CIA MODEM.  I have checked all the user entry data for phone number, host name, username and password.  The unit pops this dialog box within moments of the command to dial.  This is a confirmed analog phone line.  Please advise.


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