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RE: BalEdit.cpp Error

I don’t recall dumping and reloading as a solution to this problem.  Folks, dump and load fixes a very specific class of problems.  Please don’t make dump and reload standard operating procedure on random bugs you find.


Report internal errors on bugzilla.  Internal errors are always bugs.  Before you do so in this case though, try 1.17.23.  I just tried and was unable to reproduce the problem.  I think the problem is related to multi-card ballots.





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Attached is Seminole County Florida’s database, GEMS version 1.17.17, password is global. When you go to Ballot style 3 and try to move Constitutional Amendment # 3 from the back to the front of the ballot card 3, you receive the error “Internal error File:BalEdit.cpp, Line 196, Date: Oct 12 2001”.


I seem to remember that this could be worked around by backing up, deleting db, and reloading. Does not seem to work here.




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