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RE: Arrrrgh! (was RE: SOVC - Cumulatively Tally Precincts With Under Five Ballots Cast In EV/Absentee - For Texas)

From: owner-support@dieboldes.com [mailto:owner-support@dieboldes.com] On Behalf Of Don Vopalensky
Thursday, September 12, 2002 4:58 PM


Since neither the GEMS 1.18 series and 4.3 series firmware been certified through Ciber or Wyle, (been there since May) that doesn't leave us many options now does it. 


On the contrary.  It appears to me it leaves you with exactly one option.  Get 1.18 certified.


Even if it was, do you think we should upgrade everyone over to 1.18 in Florida after they just completed their primary this week on !.17.17, and running again in November (less than two months) with probably their largest ballot ever? 


No, I think we should add the feature to 1.17 and bring the whole country down to Florida levels of crapulence.


ITA certifications, state certifications, and time constraints play a big part in what needs to be done, and sometimes that means putting fixes or additions back into versions that are already in use, and resulted in a good election.  


How exactly do you think these releases got in a state where they resulted in good elections?  Do you think the magic stable release fairy made them that way?  They got that way because we didn’t allow them to be broken by adding new features.  Those who want or need new features upgrade to the next major release.  Those who don’t sleep well on election night knowing their version wasn’t broken by some new feature they don’t even care about.


Maybe that means one number change in the version, but that's much easier to get through Wyle, Ciber and the states than submitting a completely new version (1.17.? to 1.18.?).


Easy has nothing to do with it Don.  This is not easy.


And if Dmitry finished the Under Five feature on February 19th, why wasn't it included in the (1.17.23 which was for Texas) which wasn't finished until sometime in September knowing that the Under Five feature was for Texas anyway?


1.17.23 is not for Texas. 1.17.23 is for everyone.  This very basic misunderstanding appears to have confused you and the rest of your message.