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RE: GEMS 1-17-23 default language specification

1.17 GEMS only creates artwork for what we call the “default” language.  Unfortunately, which language is the “default” is not made very clear by the user interface.  If you click on each of the languages, it is the one that can’t be deleted.  You will see the delete button disappear.  It doesn’t depend on what id you make the language.  We should probably make a change to 1.17 to put an asterisk beside the default language, or something.


If you have gone and entered all your default language as English, you are pretty much stuck other than to edit every text for English make it the English+Spanish, and visa-versa.  You can send me the database and I’ll hack it up if you like.


There is also a 1.18.14 pre-release that fully supports multiple languages for paper.  A release will be out once Ravina has had a change to finish her testing.  I’ll send you the pre-release on command.





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1-17-23 default language specification


A database is defined with the following languages:

·        English, Id 0, AccuVote-TS, Locale Id 1033

·        Spanish, Id 20, AccuVote-TS, Locale Id 1034

·        English and Spanish, Id 30, AccuVote-OS, Locale Id 1033

Race and candidate text is defined with distinct text for each language.  The Id of 'English' is set to 40, while the Id of 'English and Spanish' is set to 0.  Although the 'English and Spanish' Id has been set to 0, and although the 'English and Spanish' language is the only language defined for AccuVote-OS, ballot artwork does not appear in the Card Editor with ballot text defined for 'English and Spanish'.  What am I missing here?