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RE: BS for November

I used 5 R6, BS-4-3-9 in a small election August 20.  As I mentioned in an earlier email, the prompt Invalid Election.brs showed up when I started accumulating.  I had tried to purge all the previous elections but could not.  Dmitry said they were corrupted.  I then received Pre-release BS-4-3-10-1, installed in each of the five R6s and purged all the previous elections.  About one-third were corrupted.  After purging a corrupted election, the system would kick me out of archives and I would have to re-enter.  Finally purged them all, one election at a time, and used the five for one day of early voting a week ago Saturday using Pre-release BS-4-3-10-1.  They are using them today as well.   No problems to date. 
Was it necessary to purge to get rid of the corrupted elections to avoid the "invalid election.brs" at accumulation time?
What is the proper procedure to turn the AVTS off each day when voting takes place over a number of days?  I told them to just turn it off at the end of the day and turn it back on the next. 
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We want to put out “one more release”.  Ravina is in the process of testing 4.3.11 right now.  It would be a good idea for the western folks to start testing the 4.3 series with their databases early, and before installing it on hundreds or thousands of machines.  By necessity, you guys will be blazing the 4.3 path – Georgia, Maryland, and Johnson are all running 4.1.  So please be careful out there.





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are we going with 4-3-10 for November in Ca and Co ?  last look showed 1 bug

status report?

what is opinion of devel?