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AVOS reinsert Mem Card, then Pct Data Error

Does anyone have any ideas on this. I am not in a good location to
experiment. They are using 32 K mem cards, Gems 1.17.17 and AVOS 1.94W. The
testing she has done has been in live election mode.

Let me know if you need any more info.



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In Precinct 35, after completing processing and the ender card, when I
turned the AV off for 5 seconds and then back on to upload results, I
received:  "PLEASE RE-INSERT MEMORY CARD".  If I take the memory card out
and put it back in, it gives me the error:  "PCT DATA ERROR OK TO CONTINUE?"
  If I say yes, it just repeats the re-insert memory card message.

In precinct  40, I successfully uploaded the precinct to GEMS.  After
powering the AV off for 5 seconds or so and then back on to reset the memory
card back to pre-election mode, I got the same error message.

I've tried multiple cards and I have tried the cards in multiple AV units.

Here's the DB...let me know what you find.  Hopefully this isn't going to be
too painful.  It's odd because I was able to process ballot cards on the
memory cards for both precincts, and I was able to successfully upload the
Precinct 40 card.

Let me know!  Call me at 772-462-1280 (tabulation room) or at my office at

Donna Daloisio, Systems Administrator
for Gertrude Walker, Supervisor of Elections
St. Lucie County
2300 Virginia Avenue
Fort Pierce, FL 34982
Phone: 772-462-1117
Fax: 772-462-1439
Email:  DonnaDaloisio@hotmail.com

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