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RE: modems ???in AVOS

Please let me know if I'm wrong about the following two understandings:
1. Digital is not a "dial-up" option for modems.  Digital is always ON and is a PT to PT type always connected application. 
   There can't be used.
2. Wireless is only going to be used "in-precinct", and is not an option from Precinct to central site (limitations of distance/coverage)
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Maryland is also interested in digital  or wireless solution.  Montgomery County, with 2638 units and 227 precincts, decided not to modem in results because they would have been required to run analog lines in most of their precinct locations. 
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from El Paso Co
> 2. Accuvote Modems.  Is there a newer, more advanced, possibly
> digital-able modem that can be put in the Accuvotes?  Many of our polling
> places have digital phone signals that as you know, the Accuvote cannot
> handle.  More and more sites are unable to modem in their results.
> Furthermore, is there any new devices that other counties may be using as a
> workaround?  Such as a wireless modem connected to a cell phone or PDA?  I'm
> very interested in upgrading our Accuvote modems to handle these newer
> situations to increase our ability to modem in results.
any info appreciated