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Re: EMP (was RE: Ballot Station 4-3-10)

Currently, the EMP software is installed on an IBM Netvista X41 workstation running Windows XP.  The system is designed as a complete, integrated package.
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Sent: Wednesday, August 21, 2002 8:35 PM
Subject: Re: EMP (was RE: Ballot Station 4-3-10)

how about w 2000?  will it run on that too?
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From: Ken Clark
Sent: Wednesday, August 21, 2002 12:00 PM
Subject: EMP (was RE: Ballot Station 4-3-10)

This is an EMP:





It is a hardware and software system for mass-programming PCMCIA memory cards.  We are going to spin an official release once we are sure McKinney is ready to build the things.


As to “is it certified”, the answer is no.  My hope is that it won’t require certification.  It doesn’t count anything.  But I might be dreaming.  You’d have to ask Don.


For what it is worth, that was a poorly worded readme entry in the 4.3.10 release.  The EMP is not part of ballot station proper.  It is a standalone Windows NT application.  There aren’t any user-visible changes in BS 4.3.10 that have anything to do with EMP, introduced bugs notwithstanding.




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Wednesday, August 21, 2002 6:09 AM
To: support@dieboldes.com
Subject: Re: Ballot Station


what is Election Media Processor ?? is this certified ? thanks


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Sent: Tuesday, August 20, 2002 8:36 PM

Subject: Ballot Station 4-3-10


Ballot Station 4-3-10 for Windows CE and Windows NT are ready. The passwords are:


BS_CE-4-3-10-0.zip       12ahsmhnq2rba
BS_NT-4-3-10-0.zip        k1ht3ghno2rbz    

·    Added support for Election Media Processor application.

·    BUG#1431 Selecting a ballot and clicking on View Ballot results in missing language data error message.

·    BUG#1443 View ballot fails after downloading election with some audio excluded from election data.

·    BUG#1217 The voter groups of candidates are not played back on the audio ballot. 

·    BUG#1242 In some instances race text interrupts race boundaries on the touch screen.

·    Bug#1260 Initial transfer attempt from non-loaded Results Accumulator fails; second attempt sends vote center/MID.

·    Bug#1239 The Results Accumulator function should not accept election media on which the election has not yet been ended.

·    BUG#1264 Select Precinct and Party screen displays 'Multiple Ballots found for voter' error msg.

·    BUG#1398 Ballot Station freezes if you click on the screen instead of in "Delete another election?... dialog.

·    BUG#1293 When voting a Straight party Recall race, if Straight party is unselected "Yes" under "Recall Race" title should also be unselected.

·    Bug#1377 Accumulator does not clear results when resetting from post-election to pre-election.

·    BUG#1219 Resume Counting still appears on  Post-Election Supervisor mode.

·    BUG#1387 Ballot Station keyboard input not recognized after Supervisor Password is cleared.

·    BUG#1209 Instruction page is missing the label for the start icon

·    Added support for Texas certification.

·    BUG#1258 Card Manager Display field is reset when setting or resetting the Challenge check box or entering a value in the ID field.

·    BUG#1374 Set Date Window can remain active yet not be visible.

·    BUG#1267 No warning message is displayed when deleting a voter group that has voter registration amounts defined.

·    BUG#1157 Battery Charge indicator not updated until unit is power-cycled.

·    BUG#1256 Fatal Application Error occurs upon repeated entry of asterisk key in write-in definition.

·    BUG#1258 Card Manager Display field is reset when setting or resetting the Challenge check box or entering a value in the ID field.

·    BUG#1268 Aborted download from GEMS not aborted until all files have been downloaded.

·    BUG#1358 TS unable to connect to RAS. Error message occurs: "...incorrect set-up information specified."

·    BUG#1307 Accumulator: when card load fails, there is no message displayed on the screen, yet printout says the card has been loaded.

·    BUG#1207 Exit Election button on Pre-Election Testing Mode screen should be removed.

·    BUG#1245 On the Ballot Summary screen, touching a race sometimes takes you to the wrong page in the ballot.

·    BUG#1189 English and Spanish language option incorrectly displayed on Language selection screen.

·    BUG#1275 Test Ballots window - Count Test Options box cut off on right hand side.

·    BUG#1272 'Card Manager' references should be changed to 'Voter Card Encoder'.

·    BUG#1240 Audit message after accumulation is unclear.

·    BUG#1187 Edit Transfer Parameters>Advanced settings are not saved.

·    BUG#945 Ballot Station locks at first screen of a Question race if the text exceeds (2) screens.

·    BUG#1107 AccuVote-OS Options>Server settings are not correctly saved.

·    AccuVote-OS Options> Server settings not correctly displayed after being downloaded to the Ballot Station.

·    Straight party race specified with the PA Straight Party option causes automatic straight party selections to be lost after manually selecting the last candidate needed to satisfy the number to vote for in the race.