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More San Diego Demonstration Requirements

The addendum to the RFP (p.14 of 24 - 3rd question) clearly states a
requirement for the demonstration to show "ballot on demand" and central
count during our demonstration.

We are anticipating the central count.  My read is that we'll use the
database we create for the Mock election.  I believe we'll need technical
assistance on this for GEMS, the Central Count, and a ballot on demand
printer.  Is there a technical person out of Pat's group assigned to Central
Count?  Contact name/number?

I believe I asked this a month or so ago, but is anyone successfully doing
ballot on demand? With what printer device? What user interface?

Steve Moreland - can you find out if there is a demo printer for this
available in McKinney or elsewhere and who might support us in getting this
setup? (Project size is $30M).