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RE: Variation on the Recall Race concept

If I understand correctly, then, the recall will not work as any response to the recall race enables counting of the recalled race.


Does anyone have a method to handle the request?




Mark Earley

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See below.



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Subject: Variation on the Recall Race concept


I received the following question today from Alachua County, FL. They are using GEMS 1.17.17.


I have a very odd question:


Can GEMS be used to exclude a race under some conditions?


To wit, our city wishes to place two issues for vote on the same ballot this fall, the second of which is moot if item 1 is approved, thus they wish to make the Accuvote ignore the vote in race B if race A is marked "Yes".... It sounds like a legal nightmare to me, but I've just been asked to check if it can be done, not give my legal view. Thanks;


Will Boyett

It sounds like creative use of the Recall Race feature could maybe accomplish this. As I understand a Recall Race to work, if the recall is marked yes, then the recalled race is counted. The scenario above works just the opposite.


I did see that it was possible to add more choices other than the default YES on the Recall Race. If a NO was added as a possible choice on a recall race, would the system count it? How does the ability to count the recalled race get triggered or disabled in this instance?

Either Yes or No selection in the Recall race effects the counting of selections in the Recalled race to which it is linked.

 I am working towards structuring the first question Will mentions above as a recall race and the second question as the recalled race. Possibly the wording of Q1 would have to be changed so that voting YES triggers the counting of Q2.


Thanks for any help.




Mark Earley

850 422-2100 - office/fax

850 322-3226 - cell