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Re: Ballot Station 4--1-13

Don -please hold off for now upgrading anyone wuntil such time as we can discuss
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Sent: Saturday, August 10, 2002 10:08 AM
Subject: Re: Ballot Station 4--1-13

Dmitry: Should we upgrade all present 1-17 users to the 1-17-23? Same for BS 4-1-13?
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Sent: Saturday, August 10, 2002 1:40 AM
Subject: RE: Ballot Station 4--1-13

Dmitry, can you explain the primary differences between 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3 branches.  Not sure where we're at in production and what the primary functional differences are.
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Subject: Ballot Station 4--1-13

Ballot Station 4-1-13 for Windows CE and Windows NT are ready. The passwords are:
BS_CE-4-1-13-0.zip      bc10rjhnourbr
BS_NT-4-1-13-0.zip       qmzybkcp5mmft

  • BUG#1103 Fix problem when incorrect number of ballot passes are calculated in Manual Logic and Accuracy test.
  • BUG#1240  Change warning message from "Out of date backup restored from main file" to "Backup log synchronized to main log".
  • BUG#1275 Fix problem that 'Count Test Options' box is cut off on the right hand side in 'Test Ballots' screen.
  • BUG#1253 Fix problem audio MPEG files are locking up the TS Unit as it loads the VIBS ballot.
  • BUG#1269 Fix problem when Fatal Exception Error occurs when Viewing the ballot.
  • BUG#1307 Fix problem with not displaying error message when fail to load results in AccumulatorDlg.
  • BUG#1358 Fix problem with corrupting the RAS Phone entry.
  • BUG#1132 Fix problem when counters were not cleared after reseting to pre election mode.
  • BUG#1076 Fix problem when Vote Recorded screen appears after viewing a ballot.
  • BUG#1276 Fix problem when Preference race was displayed on a ballot when it shouldn’t.
  • BUG#1374 Disable BallotStation screen when "Set Date" window is opened, and restore afterward.
  • BUG#945  Fix problem when Ballot Station locks at first screen of a Question race if the text exceeds (2) screens.
  • BUG#1209 Fix problem with 'Start' text not always being displayed.
  • BUG#1388 Fix problem when Internal Error generated when an unknown voter card is entered.
  • BUG#1387 Fix problem when Ballot Station keyboard input not recognized after Supervisor Password is cleared.
  • BUG#1389 Fix problem when challenge field was missing from 'Select Precinct and Party screen'.
  • BUG#1037 Fix problem when straight party selection did not effect the selection of a recalled race candidate.
  • BUG#1398 Fix problem with "Delete another election" dialog hiding when touching main window.
  • BUG#1239 Fix problem when results were accumulated for the election that have not been ended.
  • BUG#1260 Disable transfer button if no reults have been loaded in accumulator.
  • BUG#1377 Fix problem when accumulated results have not been deleted when reseting from post election to pre election mode.
  • Implement requirements for Texas xertification.