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RE: AVTS unit Power indicating" No Battery"

This symptom has to do with a bug in WinCE 3.0 July 5th edition.  If the Real Time Clock (RTC) does not have a valid date (i.e., month=75, day =42, etc.) the WinCE reads that time and date and thinks that it has miscommunicated with the PIC chip that is supplying that information from the RTC.  WinCE forever continues to retry the command (in a background process) and never gets to issue the command where it inquires as to the battery status.  As a result, the WinCE displays on the BallotStation screen it's initialization values which are "0" for the battery present.  This means a "No battery" message on the Ballot Station lower right corner.
To fix this, a Clock Fix Utility was created and posted to the FTP site.  You put this Utility on a Flash PC card, insert it into PC card slot #0 (bottom slot), power up the unit, and let it perform the function of forcing a valid date in the RTC.  Once this is done, the utility will display a message on the screen to power the unit off and remove the card.  After you do this, you can power the unit back up and the "No battery" message will now display "Charging" (assuming you have an AC cord plugged in.)  You will then have to set the time and date correctly as the Clock Fix Utility puts a fixed time and date into the RTC, and not the current time and date.
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Subject: AVTS unit Power indicating" No Battery"

Johnson County Kansas
Tuesday, August 6, 2002 Primary Election

AVTS 4.1.11
WinCE 3.0 July 5
One of the 38 new loaner AVTS units received from Lexington on Wednesday last week

Power box indicating "No Battery"
We have had this happen on now three units.
Does anyone have an idea of what this is really indicating?
Will unit run on AC power?
Will let run overnight, but sure would like to know if anyone else has had this "malfunction."