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Re: Ballot Station 4-3-4

Is this 4.3 series using Windows CE 3 level software? 
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Sent: Tuesday, May 14, 2002 12:23 PM
Subject: Ballot Station 4-3-4

 Ballot Station 4-3-4 for Windows CE and Windows NT are ready. The passwords are:
BS_CE-4-3-4-0.zip      mltgakcpzmlma
BS_NT-4-3-4-0.zip      3qrduqhnatqmw    

  • Fixed problem that results in the discarding of a Recalled Race candidate selection. Problem occurs when a candidate selection is made to the next or to a previous race.
  • Fixed problem that results in the Straight party selection not being applied to Shadow races.
  • Change “View Ballots” button label to “View Ballot Results”.
  • Replaced Global logo with Diebold logo in the “Insert Card to Start” screen.  (Windows CE version.)
  • In Select Precinct and Party screen, when viewing by ballot the “Vote” button label appears as “View Ballot”.