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RE: Removal of "Resume Counting" feature



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Sent: Tuesday, May 14, 2002 9:57 PM
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Subject: Re: Removal of "Resume Counting" feature


Jeff, Resume Counting is accessible only once an election has been ended on the AccuVote-TS unit, placing the unit in Post-Election Mode,and not before.  In order to have accessed Post-Election Mode, the election must first have been ended using the Administrator card and the entry of a Supervisor Password, and presumably also printed a results report.  Therefore, the results will be known anyway.  The provision of the Administrator card and the Supervisor password provide the security interface necessary that assures that the election is not fraudulently ended on the BallotStation and results reported.

The fact is we can restart the election process after it has been ended, no guarantee exist that there will never be an opportunity for one unscrupulous individual, acting alone and unobserved, to compromise the election by previewing the results either via the Ballot Review process or by printing an “interim report”. This is the point that the Technical Committee has voiced and echoed by Jim Dearman.


We have the opportunity to provide sufficient reason why anyone having  Administrator access would ever have the need to end the election before the official closing of the polls.


Respond to this post as soon as possible with reasons we need this feature.


All steps of election close must by necessity occur in a secure manner, under the supervision of polling judges, thus preventing any fraudulent entry of results.  Remember also that the change in election mode is reflected in the Audit log, that election media may be uploaded once only, and the voting device results reports must balance against the GEMS results reports.

There is a very comprehensive audit trail, yet Jim Dearman has had recent discussions, within the last week, with the FEC Technical Committee concerning this topic of “interim report printing” and has deemed that the audit trail is not adequate. There is no automated check by GEMS of the audit trail during upload and unless a thorough canvas is done the election closing / reopening would go undetected. Keep in mind that the idea here is not to have to rely upon “Jurisdictional procedures” to ensure election security. Uploading multiple times is not at issue.


This behavior is consistent with the AccuVote-OS, which we have been using for many years now.  Resume Counting may only be accessed on the AccuVote-OS from Post-Election Mode, and not before.  In order to access Post-Election Mode, an AccuVote Ender card must be submitted to the unit, upon which the results report is automatically printed.  Again, in order to even have reached the Resume Counting option, a results report must have been printed.


The results report is not automatically printed, rather the option dialog to print a result report is presented.


At this juncture we need concrete reasons why our customers need this feature Wyle will accept the feature given we can provide those reasons.

Jeff Hallmark


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To: support@gesn.com

Sent: Tuesday, May 14, 2002 7:09 PM

Subject: Removal of "Resume Counting" feature


Ballot Station is currently in process at Wyle Laboratories for
certification. The Resume Counting feature has become an issue. The feature
is considered undesirable because it is viewed as a breach of security as it
allows the "interim printing" of results and the subsequent resumption of
the election process. We have been asked for the reason(s) that the Resume
Counting feature is available, it is imperative that anyone desiring this
feature respond to this post.  Explain how  this feature has been beneficial
to customers.
Jeff Hallmark