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Re: TSText-1-18-5-2

Will we be able to supplement the missing files for with downloads from the ftp seperately to run Certification in CA. on Tuesday?  Nel, are these recorded or not?
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From: Ken Clark
Sent: Wednesday, October 17, 2001 7:41 PM
Subject: TSText-1-18-5-2

TSText-1-18-5-2 is on ftp site. The password is:
TSText-1-18-5-2.zip     mnqabvkw9thd2 was stillborn.  It was missing all the Spanish stock audio from previous releases. is still missing translations for VIBS_Undervote, VIBS_ToReturnRacePress2, VIBS_ToAdvanceRacePress8.  You'll need this TSText to use AVTS 4.1.2 when it is released.