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RE: R-6 download connection

Relative to our current system – suppose we had say 3,000 TS units to program-download for an election – how much time are we talking about? No testing – just to load em’


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It sounds like you don't have enough ports.  If you have 24 modems, you should have 32 ports -- some reserved for direct download.  This is pretty standard operating procedure even for AVOS accounts.


That said, there are a huge number of improvements that need to happen before we could ever run an 800 (or 4000) machine election for real.  The first of which is that download over serial is too slow, especially with VIBS and Chinese fonts.  The idea is to hook something else up to the server for the purposes of download, over either Ethernet or USB.  The details of that "something" aren't clear yet, but it has got to be a simpler and more streamlined system than what we have right now.








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I am currently doing training here in Johnson County , KS.  They will have over 800 R-6 AVTS units.  For the upload process, we have 2 digiboxes, a 16 port connected with a 8 port, which has 24 modems attached, which is fine.  However, for the download process, will we do this process via modem also???  For all of the certifications and demos that I have done in the past, I have only done a serial connection from the Host to the R-6 unit.  If I do the serial connection, that would mean that I will have to change my setup on the Host computer each time I do a download, and then set it back to modem for upload. 


All comments are welcome.