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R6 modem upload to Win2k GEMS

Here's how you do it:
If RAS is installed on your Windows 2000 GEMS machine you simply have to create a dial up networking connection to allow incoming calls.  You do this by hitting start --->  Settings ---> Network and Dial Up Connection ---> Make New Connection.  This Wizard is like any other create new dial up connection that you've ever seen in Windows 2000 but when you get to the type of connection screen you will select "Accept Incoming Connections".  Hit next and then you will be taken to the screen where you will now select the Device for incoming connections.  You will apparently select the modem you are using on your win2k machine.  Then hit next and select "Do not allow virtual private connections".  Then hit next again,,at this screen you will select what user has rights to an incoming connection,,you will select add and input the user: username: accutouch  password: global. --> Next.  At this screen make sure TCP/IP box is checked and hit next.  And then hit Finished. 
From the R6 side of this ordeal we have to select a modem that is compatible.  So far I have been able to use an off brand modem by the company "PC Card' and have not been able to use the Zoom modems.  This is more than likely due to the fact that the PC Card brand modem used a Rockwell Chipset and the Zoom does not.  The Zoom on the other hand works similar to a Winmodem and asks the machine to do some of the work,,in order for us to get this to work we would need to install the services onto the R6.  The only way to do this is to one load them on the Flash Card or into the FFX directory for they are the only memory that retains information after shutdown.  Another point to be aware of is that we could use 3com if the Rockwell Chipset theory is correct,,I don't have one but as soon as I do I will test it.  You also have to change your connection type on the R6 prior to upload,,do this by hitting change and selecting the modem from the pull down menu.  Then type in the phone number to dial and hit OK.
Robert McDonald