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Version numbers (was RE: GEMS 1-11-14 South Carolina Export)

All software.  GEMS.  AVTS.  AVOS.  Card Manager.  You name it.
A    - marketing number.  bump when something is rewritten (seems to happen a lot with some projects) or when Barry feels like we can charge more for a bigger number.
B    - major release number.  changes that affect system compatibility.
C    - minor release number.  changes that don't affect system compatibility.
i    - internal pre-releases created during testing and development before a public release
Outside a numbering system, major release branches are declared stable or development.  Only bugfix changes are made to stable release branches.  That is, no new features are added to a stable release, whether it would affect compatibility or not.  By their nature, only stable releases should be sent for certification.  Right now, GEMS 1.11 and 1.17 are stable.


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Thanks for the reminder on the internal release numbers.  Is that also true of the AVTS code?


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