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RE: Ballot Result window - AVTS

If the sequence number is still visible, its an oversight.  It will disappear next release.
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Subject: Ballot Result window - AVTS

I have been reading the new AccuVote-TS User's Guide, and I guess that I did not notice this before, and I am not sure whether it is a problem or not, but I just want to bring it up for discussion.  Within the Ballot Result window on the AVTS, it shows the Serial Number of the ballot, the Category of the ballot, the Ballot ID, the Precinct number, the Portion number, and the Sequence number.  If within a Vote Center, there is only 1 AVTS unit, then couldn't you identify the ballot of each and every voter by comparing the Poll Book where the Voter checks in with the Sequence number in the Ballot Result window???
Jeff Hintz
Global Election Systems