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RE: AVTS 4.0.4 - Record/Playback Feature

Repeat it, then send me both scripts if it doesn't work the second try.
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Subject: AVTS 4.0.4 - Record/Playback Feature

I have created a script for voting 8 different ballots, each ballot contains 5 pages, and I have set it up to repeat 64 times.  However, when the script gets to the 7th ballot, it skips voting on the the 3rd page, and then when it gets to the final Summary Page it just stays there until you press the F3 key to stop the script.
After I recorded the script, I printed out a report to make sure that I had voted every ballot correctly, and the report was correct.
Any suggestions???  This is the script that we will need to run for the Wyle volume test.
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