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RE: AVTS 4.0.4 - Record/Playback function

Could this be added???
I am setting up 8 ballot styles for the Wyle volume test, and I want to do some different repeat times for testing.  Having to record the 8 different ballot styles each time that I want to do a different repeat number is not only time consuming, but very error prone.  If I am able to get the 8 different ballot styles set up correctly in one script, then changing the repeat number makes it very simple, and we can continue to use these 8 different ballot styles for both bigger & smaller tests.
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Subject: Re: AVTS 4.0.4 - Record/Playback function

Currently there is now way to change the repeat number.
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From: Jeff Hintz
Sent: Thursday, July 05, 2001 2:20 PM
Subject: AVTS 4.0.4 - Record/Playback function

I have been able to create a script for continuous recording of votes on the new AVTS 4.0.4 software.  Once I have recorded that script and saved it, is there any way to be able to edit the script to be able to change the repeat number???  I want to create a script, where I can change the repeat number and not have to record the whole script over again to do so.
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