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RE: Cobb County Offsets?

Is this Cobb, if so have her call my cell and I will walk her through the
Ballot Generation.  The offsets should be default, you change your
postscript page size in your printer driver properties to reflect the 18"
Ballot, of course this depends on the printer driver they are using for
Ballot Generation.

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> Subject:	Cobb County Offsets?
> Folks,
> Please take a look at the following and see what advice we can give to
> this account.    Thanks, John
> I have "printed" my ballots to disk in preparation for sending them to
> Doubleday.  When I look at them in GhostView, the ballot is very far down
> at the bottom of the page.  I can see all of the text, but I cannot see
> timing marks, cut marks, etc.  Nor can I see the "card number and sequence
> number".  This makes me think that the offsets need to be changed, but I
> have used the defaults, which I thought should work.  It would be very
> helpful if someone can tell me the proper offsets to use for an 18"
> ballot.  (Or if there is some other problem.)  I sure appreciate your
> help!  

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