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RE: GEMS administration

Users who want to generate ballot art work should be logged in with admin privileges, that is an admin task.  What problems have you experienced in the past due to non-administrative user IDs?  In reality GEMS Regional support does support non-admin users by not letting them change the ballot artwork!
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When accessing a GEMS database a user ID and password must be entered before accessing the database.  We have experienced problems in the past with using non-administrative user ID's, although in theory the regional processing side of GEMS should support non-admin users.  Recently, Woodstock, Ontario was using non-admin user IDs and subsequently could not generate ballot artwork, so I told them to revert to administrative usage whereupon their problems cleared.
So, should we not permit users to access GEMS using any ID other than admin, or is there more to know?  Also, Woodstock configured the GEMS machine on their network, which obviously simplifies the distribution of results using JResults, however, I thought our policy was to configure GEMS machines stand-alone for security reasons.
Regarding Florida, all new accounts have opened fine, and:
  • Alachua County has had no problems other than 1 AccuVote failure
  • Brevard County has experienced 7 memory card failures
  • Calhoun County has experienced one jam
  • Hernando has opened fine and has had no problems - I am walking Don through election close procedures
  • Polk County has experienced some AccuVote hangs
  • Walton has experienced no significant technical problems other than one possible AccuVote hang
I am waiting to hear from Wes from Columbia County.  So I think we're fine in Florida.
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From: Larry Dix
Sent: Tuesday, September 05, 2000 1:17 PM
Subject: RE: GEMS administration

Please explain in further detail the access with non admin user ID’s?  Also have you heard from anyone in Florida?



Larry J. Dix

Global Election Systems



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Subject: GEMS administration


What is our official take on:

         installing GEMS machines on a network

         access GEMS database with non-admin user IDs?