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Re: FTP has moved to Lucy

Steve Knecht wrote:
When I click the old "favorites" address in my list I still hang in accessing the ftp site.  But If I click on the address in your email, it goes into the pub directory.  So the "address" underlying the two must be different somehow in the "cache" or something of the explorer or cuteftp setups. A thought.

  They're using different protocols.  The one causing trouble is FTP (i.e. ftp://ftp.gesn.com ) while the one that works fine is HTTP (i.e. http://ftp.gesn.com/pub ).  HTTP is designed to get stuff for display as Web pages.  We prefer to use FTP for file transfers because it's more efficient at it, it is 2 way (you can upload as well), and it has a whole set of other features that are not commonly used but are handy when you need them.

  So we want to get the FTP URL working properly for those nameless dial-up connections (literally connections without names) but it's just not a great priority and we can afford to wait for the server programs that we're using to mature a little more while we take care of other more important stuff.  :-)