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AVTS - CardComPort set to Null for Card Dialog option

I am trying to set up a test scenario with Visual Test on AVTS 3.12.5.  I have changed my CardComPort to NULL and get the Card Dialog window, however, when I try to access a ballot with the default settings - Type = 1, ID = 12345678, Party = -1, Level1 = 1, Level2 = -1, Level3 = -1, PIN = 1111, & ByAccLeve = 48.  This does not get me to the first ballot, it only returns me to the Card Dialog window.
I then went into Poll Book and created a card for the 1st precinct, then used the CPM software to read the card to see what were the values for the fields.  CPM said that Level1 = 1073 and Level2 = 2.  I tried those values but no success.  Is there any way other way to see exactly what values I should put in????
Jeff Hintz
Global Election Systems