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Re: AVTS Early Voting

Ian: Would the use of this PollBook Imation Drive only be a requirement for VIBS equipped accounts where every database disk has all the audio files? 
SteveK: Tab would best tell you about whether this exceeds 1.44.  I assume that a Santa Clara with 4 languages will exceed 1.44Mb. 
Nel - could you check with Tab and ask him what happens to the 100kb Alameda database when we go from 1 precinct to 1000 precincts?
Ian: Or in a Non-VIBS environment, would the number of languages on even a standard Ballot Station dictate the use of an Imation 120MB disk?
Again Tab - can you estimate this based on Alameda ballot Nel's been working on assuming 1000 precincts, 4 languages, 200 ballot styles.
Tab: From a quick look at the data I would suggest that any AVTS unit or PollBook that is to have more than 10 precincts on it should have an Imation Drive. This is just a rough guideline and is obviously dependant on the number of languages, audio requirements, and number of races.  The current Alameda demo Nel has been working on as an 80Kb election.dbd file (this is what needs to be stored on the removable media - not the actual database).
Ian:  You just don't know when you'll need a floppy or and Imation disk.  It sounds like this should be a requirement on laptop pollbooks.  It's an extra on existing PollBooks, but will be standard on future PollBooks
(Sales:  I'll post a new price for PollBook laptops configs.  If you need a price quote before I post it, please contact me at the McKinney office). 
I'll check on the availability of an Imation Drive that may be able to be mounted in place of the floppy drive.  That would be a better alternative to an external drive.  That'll leave the parallel port available for attaching a printer.
Ian:  Also, do you really need a 4 port Ethernet hub to connect a Ballot Station to a host computer, or can you just connect it directly?
I think the cost of the hub is so low that we should allow for other needs.  Personal Opinion.
Tab: I agree with Steve,  the cost of the hub is low and it allows more than one AVTS unit to be connected for download.  Furthermore if you want to connect two computerd directly without a hub you need to get a 'cross over' cable.
Ian:  I don't have a problem with the use of the hub, I just had a problem understanding its purpose and throwing more money away.  I appreciate everybody's input and information.  I'm in the dark with regards to special AV-TS operation concerns, and I'd like to learn more over time to understand the configuration requirements.
If anybody finds new circumstances that absolutely have to be covered by new parts for the configuration, please flag me down and let me know directly.  But please don't be surprised when the costs increase.
Ian: For PollBooks already shipped, it is probably more efficient if a support person picks up the drive and installs it.  We can stock External Imation Drives if these items will be an ongoing requirement.  Changing the Regedit in future PollBook shipments is not a problem.  If we know the proper configuration, then the PollBook will be setup to work with that configuration.
Our problem right now is, "what are the different configurations?"  Also note that if the parts required for a PollBook increases, so to will the price of a PollBook.
The laptop pollbook is a very temporary solution hopefully.  Tab - if customers want to supply their own computer, what software op system should the pc have in order for us to load pollbook software?
Tab:  The PollBook should have Windows 95/98 installed on it.
Ian: All PollBook laptops from the beginning of time have Windows 98 Second Edition loaded.