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RE: AVTS-3-13-2-1 Vote Box Size

The Vote Box default size is zero.
The default is 40.
What are the increments, points, inches, percentages.

Pixels.  Damn I thought I fixed the user interface on that.  It will be more clear next release.
What is the largest number.
I dunno.  Anything under 100 is probably reasonable.
Does it make the Vote Box larger?

That is the intent.
Generally downloading is always successful from GEMS to Ballot Station and the prompt says Transfer Complete, then asks to do another.  If you answer Yes you can continue to download.  If the answer is No, it then installs the Ballot station (I assume).
It builds the database onto the hard drive.  Download just downloads the dld file to the floppy.
If there is an error it will not complete the build process and the downloaded diskettes will all have to be cleared.
The indication is that everything is okay until you try to proceed.
If it is not right, should there be some indication during the Transfer process?
There shouldn't be the possibility that "it is not right".  Sounds like something funny with the database.  Please send.