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Re: Battery Life

The short answer:  You are fine with your plan for charging the AccuVote power supply batteries.
The longer definitive answer is this:
Visible Light AccuVote units use a trickle current to charge their power supply battery.  This type of charging should not harm the battery in any way.  To charge an AccuVote power supply battery, the AccuVote must be plugged into an AC outlet, with the power switch turned ON, and be without a "POWER FAIL" message flashing on the LCD display.  After charging, turn the AccuVote unit OFF prior to disconnecting the power cord.  This procedure will prevent accidentally discharging a battery by leaving an AccuVote turned ON after pulling the power cord.
Time to Charge
  • If the battery has just been discharged a bit, then an overnight charge ( 8 to 10 hours) is sufficient.
Note:  A sealed lead acid battery sitting on a shelf (at room temperature) loses about 3% of its charge per month.  AccuVote batteries should always be charged before and after an election.
  • If the battery has been discharged to almost flat, then you will have to charge the battery for 72 hours.
Note:  Completely discharging a sealed lead acid battery can damage it to the point that it may not hold a charge.  After charging, always run a "battery load test" to ensure the battery is holding its charge.  After a (brief) successful load test, you should top up the charge for 3 to 4 hours.  See your AccuVote Operator's Guide for details on testing a charged power supply battery.
If you have any other questions, please contact me.
Ian S. Piper
Manufacturing Manager
Global Election Systems, Inc.
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From: Beth Kish
Sent: Tuesday, June 06, 2000 1:17 PM
Subject: Battery Life

Ian, we have received some conflicting advice about how long to charge the
Accu-Votes, and I want to try to get a definitive answer.  At least people
agree that you are the expert!

We have scheduled to charge our Accu-Votes over a weekend.  They would be
turned on at 5:00 Friday, and left charging until 8:00 on Monday morning.
Is this too long, and does too long hurt them?  Please let me know so we
can change the plan if necessary.  Thanks!