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RE: Gaston County report printing on Canon printer

As far as I know there is nothing wrong with the printing of the report as it stands today other than the format of the report itself and its limitation to the 24 characters.  I think that the decision was originally made to go this way was because to purchase a stand alone version of our impact printer, that does exists, was too expensive ( approximately. $275.00 per for the Telpar/Epson vs.. $80.00 per for the Cannon ) to basicly give away, since the issues of what a poll book was to be had not been decided at the time of this sale.  This, of course, resulted on not pricing the " Poll book" at a ... let say... smart priced to cover our cost.  No ones fault, just your basic under the gun, catch 22 situation, were we need to sell, but we do not know what it will be, and how do I price it, and still be competitive.
Just good old growing pains...
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PS. Anything else, as for a real 8 1/2 x 11 page report must be programed by software development group since this report format is imbeded into the code. 
The software development group added support for the Cannon only to save the company the expense of returning them.  It is unfortunate that this mistake continues to cost this company both support and development resources.