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RE: Gaston County report printing on Canon printer

The only thing that has to be done is to go to the My Computer Icon open it to display the printer folder, double click on that then choose the drive for the printer in question, right click on that and a menu will display the properties option at the bottom of the menu then click on properties, a menu will open with multiple folders choose the feature folder, at this point there is a box that sets up page layout of the printer, it is probably set to 4 pages in one, just un select the page check mark and this will print a standard font.
Beware that since our software thinks it is printing to our standard 24 column dot metrics printer it will only print on the left hand side and only up to 24 or so characters thus producing a lot of waste.  Just play around with page layout maybe a 2 for one may not be so bad. 
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Gaston requested a change in the font size for the output on the Canon printer.  Please remember that when I was in Gaston this last week, they did not use the Canon printers since there was only 1 AVTS per precinct.  As it was described to me the font size is fine as long as there are only a few races to report.  It seems that the size of the output decreases as more candidates/issues are reported.  Is this possible?  Do we produce the output so that it is forced to fit on one page.  I would think that the output would be the same size no matter how many candidates 


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