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VTS Question FW: What happens if...

Please see below and advise.  Just so y'all don't think it's always sunny in
Florida, it is 33 degrees outside today.

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>From Cobb Cty. GA
A candidate withdraws from the race (rumored Orrin Hatch) before the
election 3/7/00 and the memory cards have already been programmed.  In
the law says that votes cast for a withdrawn candidate must not be counted.
 With our previous system we took care of the ballots by putting a sign up
in each booth advising the voter that the candidate(s) had withdrawn and
any vote cast for that candidate would not be counted.  Then the tabulating
system was programmed not to count that ballot position so "0" votes would
show for that candidate or the candidate would not show on election night.

How is that handled with this system?