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FW: AVTSIS-3-10-14



The Mdac versions are conflicting.  If you installed the AVTS Software after GEMS, then you will have to re-install the Mdac that comes on the GEMS CD. 




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Installed on DELL Latitude;  IE5, SP5, NT 4.0 Workstation, GEMS-1-13-9, GEMS-Reports-1-13-8,


Installed AVTSIS-3-10-14 and 152 smart card burner.  Changed COM3 to COM1 in Regedit.  Re-booted, the ballot station came up and the 152 green light came on.  Installed 6 different Administrator/Manager cards but could not open Ballot Station.  Ctl/Alt/Del to get back to Poll Book and Poll Book came up normally.

Tried to open GEMS and Dr.Watson'd each time.  Uninstalled Touch Screen and tried unsuccessfully to open GEMS.  Ran MDAC and GEMS worked OK.

Re-installed AVTSIS-3-10-14, and GEMS was still seeing the Dr.  Ran MDAC and GEMS operated normally.  Tried to open Poll Book - Error "The Electronic Precinct System could not validate system rights.  Please check with the system administrator to verify your access."

I can now open and use GEMS but have not access to either Poll Book or Ballot Station. 

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