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Modem Lights

I don't know whether this is a problem or not.  Does anyone else.  The normal lights on the US Robotics Modem light up when the Com port is started (AA = Auto Answer, TR = Terminal Ready, and CS=Clear to Send).  However, when the 1st poll site uses modem, it does not recycle back to this state, but also has the ARQ/FAX light, which stays lit.  Is this a problem??
According to Manual light indicates
ARQ/ Error Control
/ FAX Fax Operations Data Mode: Automatic Repeat Request. ON if modem is set to &M4 or &M5 and successfully establishes an error control connection. Flashes when modem retransmits data to remote modem. Fax Mode: Flashes to indicate fax mode.
The light is just constantly on after 1st transmission.  I have 3 and 8 in "down" position.  Comments?