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RE: Un-setting for election

If we what to sell them our product we must conform to their requirements.  
Our first priority is to generate correct election results.  That is an absolute.  This is not a customer prerogative.
Or we just tell them that our system is not flexible and that if he (the customer) does not change to our idea of how an election must run, then we can not help him.   We need to make our system flexible to the fact that we the regular workers and the customers are not perfect.
If our customers, or anyone else, has suggestions on how to make our products more flexible without compromising the integrity of the election, the RCR list is at your disposal.  I welcome (even enjoy) suggestions that make GEMS easier to use.
Elections, however, are event driven.  Ballots need to be printed by a certain deadline, and memory cards need to be burnt by a certain deadline.  In short, elections are not flexible.  That is the nature of our business.  Get used to it.
Your job as I see it is to fix the problems that we and the customers encounter as we run the elections.   
My job is to write election software.  On occasion as an added service I also explain how set-for-election works, even though the feature has been in VTS since the day Global Election Systems was formed.  Apparently doing the latter was a mistake.  I guess I'll stick to my job description;  I am better at coding than support anyway.
But really, I am in too good a mood today to get into a job description debate with you, Juan.  I don't think you want that.
One of the main reason that many customers look at our electronic system for early voting is due to the fact that the should be able to change their election down to the wire without re burning memory cards and reprinting ballots.   
Again, if you can suggest a way to design a electronic DRE system that does not have removable media as its primary storage, I will be the first person to champion it.
 If this is not the case then we should not sell this product for early voting.  
You'll need to talk to sales about that suggestion.  I just write the stuff.