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1.94w Roms - Regional Upload

When we originally requested an option for a "regional upload" capability (for King) in the AccuVote so that multiple memory cards could be uploaded from a "drop off" or "depot" location without hanging up the phone line, the request was never intended to become the default for the option.  Why?  Because it does leave the line open until the AccuVote shuts off.  It is concievable, even likely, that some percentage of workers may not turn off their AccuVote, may get distracted, take ballots out of box, etc. before turning unit off.  Unknowingly I now have over 700 units in California with this version.  In Fresno, with the 8 line digimodems, I can't turn them off and recycle a single modem at a time.  It may not become a problem, but I'd prefer not be flirt with danger. 
My request is to make this an option vs. the default.  Why not an option in SETUP PARAMETERS?  Thanks Steve