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Re: Zero report not zero (RE: AVTS-3-10-10 & Gems 1-13-3)


>I am assuming that all the AVTS units in El Paso were installed fresh with Windows 98since they did not report any problems there.    From: Jeff Hintz <jhglobal@earthlink.net>

All of the standard white AV-TS units in El Paso County, TX, and El Paso County, CO, and Gaston County, NC have been created with Windows 98 2nd Edition.  A fresh install was performed on a master hard drive and then copied from the master to the production hard drives.
The black wedges in Shelby County, TN and Davidson County, TN have Windows 98 2nd Edition installed.
Any older white AV-TS VIBS unit are running under Windows 95.
The black VIBS wedges in El Paso County, TX have Windows 95 installed.
All other black wedges are running with Windows 95.