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RE: Zero report not zero (RE: AVTS-3-10-10 & Gems 1-13-3)

Ok, after trying several different AVTS units with different Microsoft 
Operating Systems.  Here is what I found:  Windows 95 has the problem of 
not printing zeros, Windows 98 that has been converted froma Windows 95 has 
the problem of not printing zeros.  But a system with a fresh install of 
only Windows 98 does print out the zeros report correctly.  I am assuming 
that all the AVTS units in El Paso were installed fresh with Windows 98 
since they did not report any problems there.

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> > I have just finished testing with a small election on these versions 
> > everything works fine.  I have just downloaded El Paso, Texas and
> > print out
> > a zero report and get Times Counted of -111 and everything else is
> > 1246576928.

Here is an update on this (Jeff asked).  There seems to be some kind of bug
in the MS libraries we use to access the database.  The report is corrupt
with the El Paso floppy image Jeff sent me, but not with any other database
I have tried.  If you have a database that can't print zero totals, please
send the floppy image to me.  The report works fine even with the El Paso
database when running a Poll Book installed on NT, but not on 98, which
makes me point at the libs.  The counters are indeed all zero, and upload
works.  Its just the report that will not behave.

Obviously we can't do much about a MS bug at this point.  I think I can 
around the problem by getting the results a different way, but it is going
to take me a few more hours for that.  I'll try to have something by noon


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