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FW: Lost DSR

Sorry, using PB 3.10.12

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From:	Jane L. Barth [SMTP:jbglobal@earthlink.net]
Sent:	Wednesday, October 20, 1999 5:35 PM
To:	SUPPORT (E-mail)
Subject:	Lost DSR

Using GEMS and PollBook 3.10.11
PollBook displays "Transferring Data" then shortly receive an "Exception Error"
In GEMS under AV Server v2 displays for a very short time:
		VCenter:	???
		Status:		Connected
Log shows:  Prologue "Lost DSR" on
Lowered modem speed to 9600 on both modems.  Tested modems using HyperTerminal to logon to CompuServe ISP service.  Also connected both modems using HyperTerminal in terminal mode, communicated back and forth and maintained modem connection. 
Jane Barth
Global - Omaha