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ADVISORY: GEMS modem dip switch settings

  I just worked through a problem with Barry Heron in Washington County Michegan where the GEMS modem would not reset after the Accu-Vote was turned off after an upload.  The GEMS status on the modem port would go to a yellow face and Accu-Vote online and would stay that way indefinitely.  They would not be able to connect for further uploads.  They found that they either had to turn the Accu-Vote off immediately after the upload or they would have to stop and restart the GEMS modem port.

  The problem turned out to be the dip switch setting on the GEMS modem.  In general, GEMS is designed to work with factory modem settings except that auto-answer is enabled (USR modem switch 5 up).

  For a USRobotics 33.6 modem, dip switches 3 and 8 should be down and the rest should be up.

  In this case they had been advised to set switches 4 and 8 down with the rest up and this results in modem messages not being passed back to GEMS.  Oops.