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Absentee in Georgia

Tyler wrote:
Bad news, everyone.  Georgia law says that absentee ballots have to have a different "Official Ballot" header from polling ballots; in effect, a different card needs to be generated for polling and absentee voters even though the races are the same and unrotated.  So this fix of the Voter Group selection in the Header Options screen (as well as the fix of the bug in the generation of the separate ballots by associating each header with a different voter group - see Ken's Bugtrack e-mail entitled "Voter Group Header assignment for generation of separate ballots" dated Oct. 7) needs to be a part of whatever GEMS release is certified for use in Georgia.  Georgia will certify whatever is certified by Nichols. 
I don't know that we are ready to export any of this outside of the west yet due to the need to look at production capacity, but.... the digital laser press we are using (Fresno, Tulare, King) allows us to "overlay" differing Header information onto the ballot (actually our own Header remains the same, but the overlays are different and are different colors as well, indicating mail, absentee or polling place ballots.  I think there is a solution out there, its just getting a completely digital process going.  How many ballots will you be printing.  It made sense for out here because we started with an account with 1Million voters to pay for the press (Spectrum).  I don't think its financially doable unless you have the number of ballots needed to set a press up, or Spectrum is willing to help us set up a press in McKinney.  Just a thought.